What is "20/20 Mobile Solution"?

Sonrai Systems are tailor-made for the needs of waste-collectors and haulers that want to increase productivity and lower costs. That's why Sonrai Systems developed "20/20 Mobile Solution". Clearly a better way to see with "20/20" vision, what's going on in your business!

In the simplest terms, "20/20" Mobile Solution from Sonrai Systems allows you to see your business with the clarity of 20/20 vision! This means from the convenience of your office setting, you can see what your dispatched fleet is doing in real-time. It means you can, with a few clicks, see route, truck and customer information that will allow you to make the right decisions at the right time, saving you overhead costs and increasing productivity.


  •  We help you work smarter!
  •  We help you work better!
  •  Our systems work with your systems!
  •  Our products stand up to whatever you can dish out! 

Sonrai Systems offers the most rugged and reliable vehicle-mounted computers, along with Intermec hardware and RFID solutions support, to give your business the advantage when it comes to waste-collection and disposal tracking. It's like you put a supervisor on every truck you send out!

What Sonrai Systems has developed is an "Event Validating System" which tracks and validates each trash pick-up event, such as service pick-up stops at route trash containers. We help you evaluate a dispatching plan that is designed to best serve your business and your customers with as little disruption as possible in your daily business routines. 


Drivers still take their regular routes and make their routine stops. The difference is that with "20/20" Mobile Solution", you see each stop made, how long it takes, and when pick-up is complete. Less wasted time, and more profitability for your company! Never before has there been a tracking system like Sonrai Systems!