Sonrai systems is committed to providing the highest levels of customer support in the industry.This includes :

  • Periodic health check per customer's preferred schedule
  • Allows customer staff to focus on revenue-generating activities
  • Prevents problems from occurring or from growing into large, unmanageable issues
  • WLAN option allows for monitoring and maintenance of networks to which Intermec devices may be connected
  • When paired with Medallion® Service Contracts, customers are freed from worries about any problems that may require unbudgeted repairs

Through our dedicated service portal and work order management systems customers can log issues and track them through to their resolution.

Sonrai Project Management handles the details of a large-scale, multi-site technology rollout, allowing the customer’s staff to focus on day-to-day business-critical activities.

  • Single point of contact
  • Project scope and implementation design
  • Documentation, including Statements of Work
  • Continuous feedback to the customer’s team, preventing missteps, or reducing the effects, should they occur
  • Coordination of onsite activities, including site preparation, and installation schedules
  • Logistics coordination, including equipment tracking, and change request management

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