Event Validation System

As part of the "20/20 Mobile Solution", Sonrai Systems has developed it's exclusive "Event Validation System". It establishes visual confirmation that a service has been completed, in real-time on your satellite map. This gives you a return on your investment in six distinct areas.


  •  Transit Visibility
  •  Work Order Management
  •  Dispatch Operations
  •  Route Optimizing and Tracking
  •  Inventory Asset Optimization
  •  Resource Optimization

Sonrai Systems has detailed the process flow, so you can see the events capture, in real-time for each of the truck systems for your waste-collection company, including:


  • Roll Off     
  • Rear Load     
  • Front Load     
  • Recycling      
  • Residential

Sonrai Systems has maximized data and will tailor it to whatever your specific business requirements might be. Our experience in the waste-hauling industry enables us to take RFID tag-reading and event capture validation to the highest level of service, plus it's totally customizable! 


If you need to limit a service to the can associated with that customer, we can do that. Additionally, a customer would have the ability to stop a roll off truck from dumping a compactor of cardboard at anything other than the designated recycling facility for that box.


By taking time to develop these RFID scenarios through "devil's advocate" trouble-shooting, we've taken the guess-work out of the picture. We can honestly say, we've thought of everything. All you have to do is sit back, and run your waste-hauling business more easily and effectively than ever before!