Manage By Exception

Within the Sonrai Systems Visual Intelligence Layer is a rules engine. It enables waste-hauling companies to designate important parameters of their business, allowing the software to quickly review large volumes of data and present it as a simple picture on a map. This happens taking into account the parameters important to your company.

Your managers will no longer have to manually sort through which customer locations have been picked up, which have had complaints resolved and which have paid. The Sonrai Systems Visual Intelligence Layer does it for you!

Each customer location on the satellite map is color-coded to your specifications. Managers are able to quickly see which customers have had their service and those that haven't, buy the use of the color-coding. For instance, red dots indicate service not completed, green indicates service completed. It all makes for your managers ability to operate more effectively, increasing your customer service levels and profitability! 

With the Visual Intelligence Layer, you now will be able to quickly identify:


  •      Trucks, by type, on location, in real-time
  •      Customers by route
  •      Customers by payment aging
  •      Bins by type and route
  •      Display data fields from multiple programs as a query

Each of these reports is easily viewed on the map with a simple check on the report title. Users can toggle reports "on" or "off", giving complete flexibility on what they see and how they see it.

By eliminating the need to write complex queries to view reports, the Visual Intelligence Layer creates a command center with which to run your business more efficiently. The Visual Intelligence Layer combines consumer-friendly map technology, such as Microsoft Virtual Earth with rules for display.

If you need to show all your customers who haven't paid for 30 days or more, as red dots, we can do that. Sonrai Systems are totally customizable and provide you with the easy to understand and actionable data with which to run your business. The Visual Intelligence Layer is fully customizable to your specifications, to interface with your IT environment, whatever that may be.